Virgin CEO says borders need to open faster, even if ‘some people may die' Jayne Hrdlicka

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We are all going to die, it's life & any of us can go at any minute, yet we accept that risk everyday we get out of bed.

Do we shut ourselves in our rooms covered on bubble wrap, no, we live.

The USA drove the vaccine program & are now looking at normality coming into their summer. Mask free, concerts, international travel....

We are still stuck with our heads in the sand, working out how to wrap ourselves in bubble wrap.

Get the jab so we can mingle with the world again.......

567 deaths today alone in USA. Doesn’t sound “normal” to me, but yes get that vac as soon as you can.

Average deaths per day in the US is around 6500. 567 sounds very ordinary in comparison because the average age of these 567 deaths was 80.1 years old. There is little point locking the whole population to try to save a few 80 year olds who may die slightly earlier because of a virus. I speak to many 80+ year old people and they do not fear death, they want the young to be able to live and hate lockdowns passionately. I am sure you can find a few younger people who died from COVID. Just the same as I can find younger people who die each year from the flu. We cannot stop people dying. Politicians do not care about people dying, they just do not want anyone accusing them of not caring as it may stop re-election. I applaud the US. They offer vaccination and then open up despite the fact that the virus will still circulate.

Richard as I have mentioned many a time it is not deaths that is the issue but overwhelmed hospital systems as we have seen, previously in thecUS but now in South Asia. Vaccinations won’t stop you getting the bug but it will keep you out of hospitals. Currently hospitalisations are about younger people who haven’t been vaccinated yet, that is why we should get vaccinated. In the UK they are having vaccination blitzes in those areas with high infection rates just to keep people out of hospitals as one dose is better than none.

I think politicians are only really concerned with how many deaths can be attributed directly to them! I also think of the trillions of dollars spent around the world so far on economic management of this virus and wonder just what 5 or 10% of that budget spent on more and better medical facilities could have done for the world?

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