WA border renege and resulting flight changes

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Cancel booking is the only option and maybe wait until 2023

It is now clear that McGowan has no plan whatsoever and takes a lot of pleasure in keeping the state locked up. A promise is no longer a promise. Does he not realise that mental health presentations to doctors and at hospitals are going to increase even more now, I will be one of them after having to cancel booking to see daughter who have seen for over two years…thank you McGowan

Stuart, most west Australian I know see the mental health advantage in not having Covid, as far better than state or self imposed lockdowns which is what we in the east are getting with the ‘let it’ rip policies over here. N95 masks everywhere fruitless searches for RATs etc.

If you’re scared of the virus and don’t believe in vaccination - stay home. Let the rest of us get on with life

KW of course I’m scared of the virus only an idiot wouldn’t be given how sick a ‘mild’ dose on those triple vaccinated can be. Vaccination keeps you out of hospital but does not prevent ‘mild’ illness and long Covid. I get out and about but follow sensible health precautions. It would be dumb not to.

A mild dose is a mild dose. Stop the hysteria, there is no need. Humans get sick with Covid, 99.9% recover and then we all die at some point anyway. What a lot of fuss about so little? In the same time that 2522 people died in Australia WITH Covid, over 35,000 died of smoking related diseases. Covid is not the big issue here it's only the Media and politicians who try to make everyone believe it is because they have a vested interest to scare people.

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