How to claim missing Virgin Australia points after your flight

By Chris C., April 13 2017
How to claim missing Virgin Australia points after your flight

After taking a flight with Virgin Australia or its partner airlines, any Velocity frequent flyer points (and status credits) you’re deserved will usually appear in your account automatically – ready to be used towards your next journey or upgrade to business class.

But sometimes, those points and much-needed status credits just never arrive, and the only way you’ll see them is by submitting a ‘missing points claim’: it’s easy, so here’s how it’s done.

Virgin Australia Velocity: requesting missing frequent flyer points

Start by visiting the Velocity Frequent Flyer website and logging into your account, then from the main ‘account summary’ page, click ‘missing points claims’ to get the ball rolling.

If your flight was with Virgin Australia, you can make your claim online – as you can for missing Velocity points from flights taken with Air New Zealand, Etihad Airways, SilkAir, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways and Virgin Samoa.

Clicking ‘claim now’ reveals a form: just select the airline you flew with and key in your flight number, date of travel and the origin and destination of that particular flight, then click ‘submit’.

If your claim is successful, any missing points and status credits will arrive in your account within 72 hours – and if you’re missing points from more than one flight, just repeat this process until all of your claims have been submitted.

Virgin Australia Velocity: claiming frequent flyer points from other airlines

Where points have failed to appear following flights with Airberlin, Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic, you’ll instead need to call the Velocity Membership Contact Centre on 13 18 75 and supply the details of your flight over the phone.

Have your booking confirmation handy too as you’ll often be asked for the airline ‘ticket number’ or your booking reference also, with these claims taking 4-6 weeks to resolve.

Missing points claims following travel on Alitalia and Delta Air Lines should instead be made by email to [email protected] with a copy of your airline itinerary, a photograph or scan of your boarding pass and your Velocity membership information, and can take up to two weeks to process.

Finally, if you’ve not received any Velocity points after a journey with FlyPelican, you’ll need to request these via a dedicated online portal within 30 days of your flight, with any points owed awarded within 14 days.

Claiming missing Velocity frequent flyer points: final tips

It’s a little-known trick, but you don’t need to be a member of Velocity Frequent Flyer at the time you flew in order to earn points. You can instead sign-up within 30 days of your flight, and then submit a claim for the journey you’ve already taken to get your balance off to a flying start.

There’s also no rush to submit your claim – it can be filed up to six months after your flight was taken, so there’s no harm in being patient and waiting for a month or two to see if your points arrive on their own.

(The exception being with FlyPelican where any claims need to be made within 30 days of the flight.)

Finally, make a habit of holding onto your boarding passes until your points from each flight arrive in your account, as you may need the boarding pass later to assist with your claim or as proof you boarded a flight.

Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

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