How to fly Singapore Airlines' latest Airbus A380 experience

By David Flynn, November 2 2017
How to fly Singapore Airlines' latest Airbus A380 experience

With Singapore Airlines rolling out swish new first class suites and business class seats on its flagship Airbus A380s, which flights should you book to sample this shiny goodness?

First up will be the daily SQ221/SQ232 flights between Singapore and Sydney from December 18 2017 (the first Sydney-Singapore leg will be on December 19).

Sydney got the gong because it also saw Singapore Airlines' original Airbus A380 – which was also the world's first commercial superjumbo flight – debut in October 2007, so it's only fitting that the airlines' first new A380 boasting the new seats repeat this milestone.

Although the airline refused to sketch out its 'new A380' route map after Sydney-Singapore, the popular Singapore-London route is tipped to be next in line from the second quarter of 2018.

Singapore Airlines will flesh out its schedule as four more factory-fresh A380s arrive from early 2018, with 14 more superjumbos in the SQ fleet given a tip-to-tail upgrade to the new seats starting from late 2018 to 2020. 

(The airlines' five oldest A380s, which were taken under lease, will be replaced by the newest superjumbos – SQ's 'first five' are expected to come back onto the market as private VIP jets).


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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

06 Nov 2014

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Another reason SYD was chosen rather than a European city is cuz SQ can use just 1 plane to run daily service. To go to LHR or any other EU cities, SQ will need at least 2 planes due to the flying time needed.

Currently SQ is only taking delivery of one of their first new A380.

15 May 2015

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Fingers crossed the Paris route gets upgraded by August next year, I’ve redeemed Velocity points for return first class from Sydney so it would be great to get the new suite all the way.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

26 Oct 2017

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SQ average 3 flights a day between Mel-Sin.
QF do 1. What do they know that QF doesn't?
I would love to talk to Qantas about that.


30 Jun 2016

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Well for one they know they have lot of planes waiting in SIN to take connecting passengers to further destinations...

16 Feb 2016

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Perhaps you missed the news that QF will be going double daily to MEL from MAR18 with one flight on an A380... they are definately aware of the market.

Incidentally SQ are up to about 4 per day too but as LP mentions they have many more connectìon opportunities

17 Sep 2015

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As many of us notice when travelling on SQ, huge numbers of passengers are connecting to other flights. I'd love to know the percentage of passengers who alight in SIN and visit the city: it must be fairly low ex Australia, and some of these will be availing of the famous SQ cheap overnight stays (which at times now seem to cost A$65 or more a night but in the past were sometimes available for S$1 or A$1 a night to try to rope us all in to use SQ.

06 Nov 2017

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So the little bit of semi reliable information is that the the second service will be the New York - Frankfurt - Singapore route. expected to happen October 2018, though it was also said that they will require some plane changes to the 777-300's to accomodate this timeline. Personally I love the new 4 seat 777 first class, but i am looking forward to the new a380, wish they had included a shower, as there really is something super fun about the Etihad shower in first.

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