Singapore Airlines' old Airbus A380s to become private VIP jets?

By David Flynn, May 24 2017

Singapore Airlines' oldest Airbus A380s could be turned into the world's newest and arguably the ultimate private aircraft: a double-decker jet for the VIP set.

The Singaporean flag-carrier will retire its first five A380s from October this year, to be replaced by five factory-fresh superjumbos sporting all-new first class suites (on the upper deck, this time around) plus new business class seats.

Four of those pre-loved A380s are now apparently earmarked for resale as private jets aimed at the 'head of state' and VVIP market, with interiors to suit.

Fashioned by British studio Winch Design, options include a spacious conversion of both decks or just the upper deck (keeping standard airline seating on the lower deck) replete with conference rooms, communal lounges, dining rooms...

... and of course a master bedroom with adjoining private office and en suite.

Geneva-based aircraft reseller Sparfell & Partners is listing four used Airbus A380s and while the company has declined to say where they're from, the specifications and production timeline points to these as being the earliest members of Singapore Airlines' A380 fleet.

Airbus has previously toyed with a corporate jet version of the A380 based on ex-lease superjumbos, but only one contract was inked – that by Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia in 2007 – who later reneged on the deal, perhaps being happy enough with his private Boeing 747-400.


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