Kobo Glo HD ebook reader: beaut screen, bargain price

By David Flynn, May 15 2015
Kobo Glo HD ebook reader: beaut screen, bargain price

TECH | Kobo isn't the first name that springs to mind when you think about ebook readers – that privilege belongs to another brand beginning with K (that being Kindle, for those slow on the uptake).

But Kobo hopes its new Glo HD will be the ebook reader you end up with.

The challenger boasts a high-resolution 6 inch screen packing 300 electronic ink pixels per inch to deliver a crisp 'print-on-paper' experience equal to Amazon's latest Kindle Voyage, which launched in Australia last week with a $299 sticker.

But the Glo HD's high pixel count comes with a substantially lower price tag of just $179, which makes it almost a no-brainer purchase ahead of your next international flight.

4GB of storage allows space for thousands of books, with a snappy 1GHz processor for swift page-turns and screen refreshes.

Kobo rates the Glo HD's battery at two months based on an average half-hour of reading each day with the screenlight and WiFi disabled, so even intensive binge-reading sessions should give you close to a week between recharges.

And those ebooks can come from almost any store or download site, not just the Kobo.com library, using the standard ePub and PDF formats – although you won't be able to read Amazon's Kindle-only proprietary ebooks.

The Kobo Glo HD is on sale now from JB HiFi, Myer, Bookworld and Angus & Robertson. For more information, click to www.kobo.com.

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