London's Radisson Edwardian hotels become Radisson Blu this year

By John Walton, March 14 2012
London's Radisson Edwardian hotels become Radisson Blu this year

Frequent travellers to the UK (and especially London) will have come across the upper-mid-range Radisson Edwardian hotels, but they won't be seen for much longer.

All thirteen hotels will turn into Radisson Blu properties by the end of the year, so don't be surprised if you spy a different nameplate to the hotel you reserved.

Why are things changing? It's mainly a deeply boring hotel franchise reason, but the impact on travellers should be a more consistent offering across Europe's Radisson hotels (and hopefully a refresh of the more dated Radisson Edwardian style and rooms). That's a positive development in our book.

You're also likely to see more Radisson Blus opening up in London, especially since the ex-Edwardian hotels' owner recently snapped up the rights for a massive hotel over the Odeon cinema in central London's Leicester Square.

Here's the full list of London-based hotels that are turning into Radisson Blu:

  • Radisson Edwardian Berkshire Hotel
  • Radisson Edwardian Bloomsbury Street
  • Radisson Edwardian Grafton Hotel
  • Radisson Edwardian Hampshire Hotel
  • Radisson Edwardian Kenilworth Hotel
  • Radisson Edwardian Leicester Square
  • Radisson Edwardian Mercer Street Hotel
  • Radisson Edwardian New Providence Wharf
  • Radisson Edwardian Sussex Hotel
  • Radisson Edwardian Vanderbilt Hotel

Outside London, three hotels are changing:

  • Radisson Edwardian Hotel Manchester 
  • Radisson Edwardian Heathrow Hotel 
  • Radisson Edwardian Guildford Hotel, Surrey
John Walton

Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since. Well, except when facing rearwards in business class.

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