Lufthansa, Swiss and co to share new 'standard' seat for Airbus A320s

By David Flynn, January 27 2018
Lufthansa, Swiss and co to share new 'standard' seat for Airbus A320s

Lufthansa plans an all-new seat design for its Airbus A320 jets from 2019, with the same seat also being fitted to sibling airlines Swiss, Austrian, Eurowings and Brussels Airlines.

The seat will serve for both 'EuroBusiness' and economy class cabins, with business class passengers continuing to have one free seat next to them rather than seeing a different seat for business class.

A spokesperson for Lufthansa confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that Airbus A320 jets across all Lufthansa Group airlines would adopt the same new seat design as part of "a standard specification for the Airbus A320 fleet."

The spokesperson declined to share further information on the seat design or manufacturer, but said "the seat will be used for economy class guests as well as for our business class guests. The seat covers will be in a different colour accents (for different Lufthansa Group airlines) to make it brand-specific."

The same approach will be taken for the business class cabin of long-range jets flown by Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines, which will adopt the new Lufthansa business class seat (below) across their respective fleets.

Lufthansa says the standardisation will focus on "large, cost-intensive components such as cabin design and the galley... for all aircraft of the Airbus A320 family delivered to the Lufthansa Group from 2019 onward."

"However, even components such as emergency equipment or electronic flight bag systems should comply with a uniform and group-wide standard in future."

"This will allow the Lufthansa Group to react more quickly and flexibly to current developments and to move aircraft and capacities more easily and efficiently between the airlines and the Group’s hubs."

Some 100 new aircraft from the Airbus A320neo family are expected to be delivered to Lufthansa Group airline by 2025.


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13 Sep 2016

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A real shame that LH didn't take the opportunity to upgrade from Euro Business Class to a real Business Class, makes you realise how good we have it in Australia!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

30 May 2014

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There's no doubt that the Australian domestic business class is a good product, but it's considerably more expensive than intra-Europe business class.

13 Feb 2018

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... expected to be delivered to Lufthansa Group airline by 2025.
--> ... expected to be delivered to Lufthansa Group's airlines? by 2025.

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