Sleep in the airport in a "Sleepbox" - the coin op hotel room!

By John Walton, August 17 2011
Sleep in the airport in a

Weary travellers in transit or arriving at unsociable hours after long flights could have another option for catching some sleep if the new Sleepbox from Russian designers Arch takes off.

Yes, move over Yotel, an even smaller and more minimalist concept could be found at your local airport.

We should emphasise that the Sleepbox is just a concept at this stage, but it looks good to us. Many business travellers will have experienced being stuck in a noisy airport without business lounge access -- or at an airport where the lounge is just as noisy as the main terminal.

A chance to relax and recharge in a private room, 2 metres long by 1.4 metres wide by 2.3 metres high, with a two-metre bed, desk and TV, would certainly be welcome in that kind of situation.

The idea is to install Sleepboxes inside terminal buildings, like banks of chairs or refreshment kiosks. All it seems to need is power -- there's no bathroom inside, but for a quick nap or the chance to get a bit of work done in peace and quiet, that's not a dealbreaker.

Clearly, the Sleepbox isn't for every traveller in transit. Often, you really need that shower and a full bed to stretch out on. But if you've showered and had a bite to eat in the business lounge, the Sleepbox could come into its own as a snoozing option -- which isn't always possible in a lounge.

John Walton

Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since. Well, except when facing rearwards in business class.

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