Qantas now offers early check-in at LAX

Check in for your evening Qantas flight to Australia as early as 2.30pm.

By David Flynn, March 16 2023
Qantas now offers early check-in at LAX

Qantas passengers headed from Los Angeles to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane can now check in for their flight from 2.30pm, with the airline bringing back the early check-in routine which was paused during the pandemic.

A Qantas spokesperson confirmed the arrangements to Executive Traveller, and that bit of news will certainly please many passengers making a late-night departure on the following:

  • QF16 to Brisbane, which leaves LAX around 9.35pm
  • QF94 to Melbourne, which leaves LAX around 10.05pm
  • QF12 to Sydney, which leaves LAX around 11.30pm

Qantas’ early check-in at LAX is open to passengers in all travel classes, from first to economy.

Of course, we’re not suggesting you turn up at LAX at 2.30pm and then spend anywhere from seven to nine hours sitting in the Qantas lounge.

But early check-in can be a boon once you’ve checked out of your LA hotel in the early afternoon – you could make a beeline to LAX, drop off your luggage and then spend the rest of the day exploring Los Angeles and even grabbing an early downtown dinner before returning to the airport.

Qantas also offers all-day check-in for international departures from Sydney Airport – you can turn up as early as 4.30am, which can be ideal for beating the morning peak-hour traffic and enjoying breakfast in the lounge as the sun comes up.

06 Oct 2021

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I wish they'd offer that in Melbourne as well.

24 Aug 2011

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It's good but it isn't as good as city check-in as offered in HKG where you can drop your bags off and collect your boarding pass up to a day before your flight at designated MTR stations in town and not have to go near the airport.  Not sure what other cities offer this but the more the better in my opinion.

29 Aug 2014

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This has not been resumed yet. Though, should be in within next 12 months.

That's correct, and I can't wait for the HKG Express to restart in-town check-in, it's so useful and convenient when you check out of your hotel in the morning but have an evening flight. KLIA used to have something similar for its KLIA Express but that's also suspended.


04 Apr 2014

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Not sure this would work in LAX given so many arrive on connecting flights or from across CA in rentals.

31 Mar 2014

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Works enough for them to reintroduce it.

29 Aug 2014

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"Of course, we’re not suggesting you turn up at LAX at 2.30pm and then spend anywhere from seven to nine hours sitting in the Qantas lounge." <-- why not?


19 Sep 2013

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Used to fly in from Phoenix in the morning, check in around midday and spend around 12 hours in the over-crowded lounge. Never a pleasant trip home to Perth.

09 Apr 2017

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Wouldn't it be fantastic if they had this (reintroduced this?) option at Heathrow?

It has been such a bunfight my last few flights, with queues snaking back into the thoroughfare causing havoc. If there was early check-in, it would smooth out chaos a little.

I seem to remember that pre covid you could check-in at any other open OneWorld airline desk if Qantas wasn't open. Though this may only have been an option if you were in the upper FF tiers.

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