• I long for the simple days. Remember when you booked a flight, boarded a plane and arrived at your destination. Very little fuss, very simple and easy rules to follow. Now I feel I need to do a Special University Course just to comprehend all the rules, conditions, restrictions and laws. Great ne...

  • Time the whole world opened up. Those still afraid, stay home, stay "safe ".Singapore is a wonderful country to visit. Amazing food, shopping and culture. 

  • EVA Air returns to Brisbane

    Oct 04, 2021, 07:58 AM

    It feels like airlines are trying so hard to get people back , but they're swimming against the tides. Still so much uncertainty Lots of understandable excitement, but far too much niggling uncertainty for my liking.I hope things come together in the near future, for everyone's sake.

  • Great news for anyone wanting to fly to LA. I think a huge majority of Sydneysiders will take advantage of this. Bit by bit, travel will take off again and that's a positive.

  • I just worry that as soon as someone sneezes, all borders will slam shut again. Can we all agree that we must learn to live with this vius?I've got more than enough credits from Jetstar,  Virgin and Qantas. Book an interstate flight, lockdown. Book another,  lockdown.  Over an...

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