• Happy to be vaccinated as soon as possible.Likely intention is that whenever I am able to leave this country I will not return. 9 months now since I last saw my UK based fiancee.

  • Review: Allianz travel insurance

    Jul 23, 2020, 10:17 PM

    I cancelled a policy with a different insurer in March about 4 days before the my travel date, after the warning was upgraded.I initiated the cancellation online, refund back to me within 3 days - didn't have to speak to anyone. I think I lost about $11 to processing of cancellation.So really Sib...

  • @TheFreqFlyerWhile I think keeping borders closed and banning travel as Australia is doing is the wrong approach, even if Australia let you guys out, where would you go?I think staying in Australia and trying to cure the travel bug for another 6-12 months isn't going to kill you.As has been previ...

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