• Qantas trials preferred seating

    Jul 10, 2019, 06:36 PM

    Row 9? lol on the 737's it doesn't even have a window!

  • This is literally the worst idea I’ve heard come from Qantas, jetstar 2.0

  • Hopefully they consider doing this refresh on the Fokker 100’s. Given the price they charge to be stuck on a rock hard vinyl seat with chunky arm rests stealing width.

  • UA can't seem to see all SQ availability as shown on Expert Flyer and LifeMiles went through a few days with them and they could see some flights but not all flights which was interesting.Also took 35 odd minutes do complete a reservation as it has to go to the support team to be finalised or som...

  • VA's 737 really is the let down of their hard product......they need to invest some money into gettng the 737 up to scratch espeically when you can be doing 5+hr flights in them.

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