• Maybe, before you write an piece like this you check the Air New Zealand web site that shows 3/4 of the seats are 76cm (29.9 inches) and 74cm (29.1 inches) seat pitch. This is a new low for Air New Zealand.

  • I've managed to get through Melbourne airport in under 2 hours!

  • Yes they are already doing this, along with everybody else. And doing it poorly. I've bought tickets to the USA, now I'm targeted with, guess what?, flights to the USA. Bit late and is more annoying that random destinations.  They have yet to figure out that I like cheap fares for places in ...

  • How can they patent this? They have been doing this in sardine cans for years now. Who would want to sit flush with someones smelly feet! This is not a new idea, I'm pretty sure that most airline have contemplated it and then discarded it.

  • None of these stop tamping, some will indicate that bags have be tampered with. TSA locks, what a joke! don't you think the crims have TSA Lock keys... Wrapping you bag is about the best of these as the time taken to get in to the bag makes it less worth the effort. Best thing to do, don't put ...

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