• Apparently Brest has been renamed Amsterdam according to the map above... hee hee (pedantic post)

  • I know of one announcement, but have been sworn to secrecy. Sorry.

  • At my current rates of earning, I am now a little under 3 years away from LTG. Once I have achieved it, I will play the field if flying J on my own coin, and will stick to Oneworld carriers if flying Y.

  • I've worked closely with multiple ASX 50 CEOs - I can't see any of them travelling like this, even the Big 4 Bank CEOs (actually, ESPECIALLY the Big 4 bank CEOs, especially given the world of pain CBA is in) - it's kind of hard to look the retail shareholders in the eye at the AGM, before tea and...

  • If I fly long-haul in J to either North America or Europe, I will wear (depending on the weather at the destination) a beige linen/cotton jacket, or a wool navy blazer onto the plane (with chinos, or maybe cotton jeans)  Most of my long-haul travel is with QF so I'll have PJs to wear on boar...

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