• You'd get 260 each way if you fly QF flight numbers PER-SIN-PAR. QF4221 operated by AF. Just avoid the AF flight number, although that's sometimes cheaper depending on availability.

  • 16 segment for any e-ticket as a maximum. 15 stopovers, 16 segments on all 3 fares. A segment is any travel between two points on the ticket including surface sectors and even airport changes which is a real killer in places like NYC/LON. 

  • *full disclosure I own a company specialising in RTW fares so I am naturally biased. 

  • There are more RTW products than Star Alliance and oneworld. But a oneworld 4-5 continent trip via South America still represents good value as the internal flights there are very expensive so the inclusions are worthwhile.  But via North America/Europe/Asia etc where internal flights are c...

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