• StudiodeKadent. Yes some do. Qatar is Billecart all the way, including Doha Lounge for QF Gold . Not sure about First at Doha but I seem to recall it may be Krug. Platinum members are allowed in there. Re HKG, if you are Platinum and have the time, go straight to Pier (Cathay Lounge). Way b...

  • How about Jetstar and Qantas having the same policy?  Not sure what is to happen to me next week when I try to connect from Sapporo (CTS) to NRT on JQ and then NRT to BNE via QF.  You used to be able to go CTS/NRT on JAL, but now is limited to one or two flights a day.  JAL ch...

  • I am about to go from Platinum to Lifetime Gold.   Will Lifetime Gold have me higher up the pecking order for upgrades, F/Flyer Rewards etc, than normal Gold?

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  • Reward Flights from Europe July 2018

    Nov 23, 2017, 01:22 PM

    BA, JAL, MAS and Finnair are other options, along with QF via China?Finnair worked well for us on a couple of occasions. Into SIN,BKK or HKG and then on QF home.

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