• Global roaming complaints soar by 80%

    Jan 14, 2011, 05:50 PM

    Phishing - Vodafone know about this.  Hackers are everywhere.  Vroam is not immune.

  • Yep TravelSIM prepaid big difference - No surprises!!!!! TravelSIM - anyone can call a TravelSIM from a 1800 number in Aust for free from a landline - Free call.   Free SMS to any TravelSIM too. Customers can control top-up and it is fully transferrable to anyone. Oh and btw you can di...

  • vroam - 140 countries ; TravelSIM 190 countries vroam cost to rec calls usa : 30 c per min TravelSIM - FREE vroam call local & Au $1.95 p.m ($AU)  TravelSIM .45c p.m. ($US) vroam call to mob from US $2.25 ($AU)  TravelSIM .45c p.m. ($US) Other vroam costs: simcard rental $1.50 p...

  • Global roaming complaints soar by 80%

    Dec 28, 2010, 11:11 PM

    TravelSIM - services major business in Aust and consumers. Completely independent and completely Australian owned.  Save 70 - 90% on roaming calls in over 190 countries. pre and post trip bill analysis and demonstrated saving.  Easy to use your Aust number. https://www.travelsim.net.au/...

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