• Don't worry, it's not made for you.

  • I doubt Virgin Atlantic could even make it to the end of 2020 with current cash reserves, let alone to the end of summer. I think October would be more realistic.

  • That's be great thanks. Those imperial measurements don't mean anything to me! It's like when someone says that this drink is 6 ounces. That means nothing to me and it's such a pint to have to convert!

  • You actually answered the question, "why are the measurements in inches in the first place" - which I didn't ask, and I already know the answer to.The actual question I asked is why an Aussie publication with presumably a large Aussie audience, many of who will be under the age of 55 and think an...

  • Just wondering why the seat measurements are all in inches? I'm over 40 and even I've only ever been brought up with metric. I just mention it because it's a bit annoying to have to convert all the measurements. By all means use both, but just using only imperial seems a bit weird to me. Just sayin'

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