• For those in ADL the CX Hong Kong route saves the awful LAX transfer but also saves the equally annoying SYD or MEL transfer in Australia. No need for any domestic flights on any continent which is a big plus.

  • Qantas business class upgrade guide

    Apr 17, 2017, 01:57 PM

    I was QF silver when I requested upgrade on future MEL-LAX flight. I will be QF gold next month - should I cancel request and redo it once I become gold or will the upgrade system recognise my new gold status so that I have higher chance of upgrade? 

  • This is great news for Adelaide customers wanting to fly business or premium all the way to North America! Previously had to fly economy Adelaide to Auckland.

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  • We booked frequent flyer tickets Australia to Bali last year on VA. We then had a separate J booking (paid) on Qatar from Bali to Europe. Being very cautious I booked a 36 hour stopover in Bali each way to cover delays. We got diverted on our flight home from Doha and ended up in Singapore inst...

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