• Not great news for the routes Virgin Australia will drop.  Prices will need to rise on these routes to make then profitable for those still running them (Rex/Alliance/QF) and we all know if it’s a monopoly then whichever airline running it will put an extra ‘profit’ on top ...

  • If the government is going to support Virgin then they need to be subject to the same conditions of Qantas, Alan Joyce wanted the Qantas Sale Act changed so they could be on the same playing field as Virgin Australia well any bailout / loan to VA should mean in the end same shareholder conditions...

  • Sorry I meant without the Coronavirus not with it - DOH!

  • I hope they can survive this and that they get some Government support. A good airline which while it had financial issues would have still operated with the Coronavirus.Hopefully freight business gives then enough cash to keep some lights on.

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    Nov 01, 2018, 03:15 PM

    Hi Chris, great review I was just there on Monday. On thing you can add that you can get mini ice creams (Haagen Dazs) from The Long Bar as well on request. Lovely little treat.

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