• They do indeed offer something similar. I regularly travel to the US and I am on the $3 a day plan, which gives unlimited talk, text and data, although 4G speeds cut out after 200MB per day. It's a great deal! In order to keep the number you just need to make sure your balance has expired. The ex...

  • You are right, it is a commercial decision to undertake a cabin refit as quick as possible rather than the slow upgrade path that leads to inconsistent service levels. Good luck with your legal challenge, especially since VA are offering refunds.

  • Just got my A3  gold matched in just hours. Pretty happy about that!

  • Good point about the O&D traffic. This is what the 787 was designed for. Agreed that the current bank is the best single slot to maximise connections at both ends but there is a tradeoff here. If you arrive early at LAX then you get lots of connections but some of those include miserably long...

  • I would not underestimate the benefit of frequency. How many QF pax are connecting at LAX? How many more itineraries with AA codeshares would be improved with a higher frequency? What about flying into PHX and connecting with US flights? More direct destinations in North America?

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