• We demand an exercise space in cattle class. Both for passenger relief from confinement to a seat, however well designed, and to reduce the risk of dvt. A small area for standing and stretching with access to self serve water or coffee would be most welcome. On the A350 900 there is a small area ...

  • Most impressed. Just need to study what time period would be avalable between Melbourne and London to enjoy this facility. Also what would be the pressure on space and comfort if the maximum of around 100 passengers crowd in there?Otherwise, the dreaded 17 hour ordeal now seems more attractive be...

  • This is too much. I can handle upward switcheroo. But downside switcheroo with smaller screens? Leaves me flummaxed and with visions of over extended airlines going backwards. Damaged by wild competition.

  • Tend to dispute average passenger not aware of the unique chacter of the 787.I should know. I am a very average passenger. In fact more average than most!

  • How much is the most basic overnight stay?

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