• +1 Luke mangan menu on Virgin. As good as you'll get in the sky.

  • Used this service last year. Also missed out on a priority tag and ended up getting my bags last. Would use it again though as I valued a few extra hours without bags in Taipei rather than a few spare minutes early out of the airport in Aus.

  • I find tipping shows just how different Aus culture differs from the US. I really hate doing the maths to work out what the bill really costs after every single social outing. If your own employer wont respect you enough to pay you a fair wage then why should the customer? (Other than a fake smil...

  • Never flown the a350 but a big step up from the angled bed a330. I'd be interested to hear what others think re China Airlines as I've found their hard product superb but soft product a long way off extending through to their Taipei lounges. I'd argue soft product far behind mainland Chinese airl...

  • For anyone not tied to a particular airline this makes for a tough decision in business class to the u.s from Melbourne. I'd argue virgin has the best product to the USA in business by a long way, however id be willing to fly the Qantas 787 to avoid lax. Smart move by Qantas here.

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