• China Airlines Airbus A350 for Sydney

    Nov 10, 2017, 07:18 AM

    Has anyone actually flown with China Airlines SYD-FRA on there preimium class and business class

  • The cut-price Kangaroo Route

    Aug 12, 2017, 08:01 PM

    Hi there im new to this forum, coulod someone please tell me what QF, PE mean . We are actully flying to Euorpe in August 2018 and i seen return with Vietnam Airline for under $4000 each 

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  • Originally Posted by GoYouBlues My wife and I fly to London every year in business on Vietnam Airlines for as little as $4000 return. However, there are long layovers, especially on the way back. In these cases, Vietnam Airlines pay for a visa, provide a free hotel room and limo (basic car) trans...

  • Hi we flew China Airlines Business Class in 2018 Return To FRA from Syd via Taipei 8000 for 2. New a350 , excellent service. The only bad thing was 20hr layover. Went on their Website yesterday and at Moment can fly in May return From Syd 7800 for 2. We will be using them again

  • Sim card - Europe

    Apr 04, 2018, 03:59 PM

    Originally Posted by belbinr Have you considered the Vodafone Australia $5 roaming - uses your same SIM and plan just adds $5 for the actual days you use calls/data or text - you would need to check the countries you a re visiting etc. Hi i used there 5 roaming in 2016 and i ended up with a 300 ...

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