• Trying to obtain international upgrades on Qantas is really not possible no matter what they say.

  • I'm still trying to use QFF points to book tickets with one world "partners" with little success, so maybe they could improve this first.

  • Just arrived back after two overnighters with China Eastern. London to Shanghai then Shanghai to Melbourne. Cannot recommend this airline at all. My second flight was on a B787-9. The beauty and helpfulness of the cabin crew cannot make up for an almost complete lack of English communication. The...

  • I wonder if China Eastern travellers have access?

  • Sometimes I think I must be on a different planet. I've just spent many hours trying to use my Q FF points to find a way from IST to ADL. Business Class is almost impossible, and the Live Chat folk know less than I. And I have given up the idea of using points for upgrades. The sucker FF (myself)...

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