• Is 3 pm ‘bar' opening the priority pass standard??

  • The 20-hour flight is coming

    Sep 03, 2018, 12:13 PM

    Re zaps1971...Yes get the CEO to fly a whole flight in each class of seat...and get a BIGGER CEO.... easy to find leg room when you have very SHORT LEGS!

  • Seriously? Why would or should you want to leave your super expensive seat/bed/dining area with inaminute personal service to go and use this space? If any airline really wanted to stand ahead from the rest....put a stand up bar area in ECONOMY.... the that's where the leg stretch is needed! Or l...

  • So as above I'm reading "the same as business class passengers" well flying business class from Perth (was told by perth Virgin) I could pop in the other end...Melbourne to the lounge...most embarrassing, in he girls at Melbourne lounge didn't agree!???

  • I recall having my knees actually 'jammed' could not move...with a Cathay flight by my fellow passenger in front ( obnoxious very short woman who's feet wouldn't have even been able to touch the back of her seat - in front of her) only to be told if the seat reclines they are quite within their r...

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