• Just out of curiosity, does VA have a interline agreement or codeshare with VS, because the timing for HKG-LHR/LHR-HKG is coinciding with VA's HKG-MEL/MEL-HKG flight?

  • Yes, I agree with davar98, it's pretty much a standard for 4* and 5* hotels in Hong Kong these days, it takes out the needs for travellers to get mobile or internet plan first thing they arrive...

  • Interesting... "Virgin Australia is considering an Asian route for the big bird." I have a hutch they are going to fill in the void that Virgin Atlantic has left recently in the HKG-SYD route. That would be fantastic: Virgin group airlines all the way for SYD-LHR

  • Qantas bids farewell to Frankfurt

    Apr 17, 2013, 04:21 PM

    It seems like QF's own reach is getting shorter and shorter with LHR, LAX, SFO and DFW the only destinations outside the Asia Pacific region . Maybe it is time to rebrand their company as an regional airline?

  • Loved the idea of having hotmeals on longer flights. For shorter flights, I would rather have the buy-on-board menu and pick what I want for a snack and a drink, instead of having a meal service and have the cabin crew to rush you through the meal. Good job, Virgin Australia. Keep the improvement...

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