• Based on a couple of recent experiences, BA First won't be missed by me. The hard product on the A380 was ok, but the rest of the experience was totally sub par. Once was bad enough. Twice, let's not bother again. Too much choice these days to go back a third time for another disappointment.

  • Whether reasonable or not, like many others, I am treating this as the last straw. See y'all.

  • Agree mostly. Sydney lounge is generally overcrowded on most weekday evenings. Priority boarding has become a bit of a joke anyway, with either big numbers, or by gate staff boarding a few priorities and then starting general boarding. This means if you are at the back of the priority crowd, you ...

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  • Dallas 'premium' lounge

    Jun 18, 2018, 07:11 AM

    It would have to be pretty grim to compete with the QF HNL lounge. Claustrophobic, overcrowded and garbage food and drink selection.

  • 460 seats will not cut it. Remember it's not just the premium pax who will be lining up, it will be all Gold and above pax (irrespective of class of travel) AND possibly a bunch of people hoping to exercise OneWorld shared privileges as well?And while we're at it, just had the dubious pleasure of...

  • No Business Lounge Access in U.S.

    Feb 21, 2018, 03:40 PM

    Try flying to the US with Virgin next time and then use Delta for the domestics. You'll generally get a better US domestic experience, plus if you have Gold/Platinum with Virgin, Delta treat you like a king :)

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