• I also use the App on both an iPhone and Samsung - but without the problems you describe. Hope you find a solution!

  • As Democratically elcteded Dan is entitled to do.

  • For users of a Motorpass Fuel Cards, BP is a non-starter. However, spends at Caltex Woworths and Coles Express using Motorpass work fine and accrue points that can be transferred to QF and VA respectively.BP T&Cs at 2.3.6 say -The following payment methods are not Eligible Payment Methods for...

  • Sep 04, 2019, 06:22 PM

    Cagie, perhaps you need to change fuel cards. I've been using a Shell Card for almost five years at Coles Express to earn Flybuys which have been converted to Velocity. I've recently replaced the Shell Card with Motorpass and am continuing to earn Flybuys which I could convert to Velocity.

  • Not sure about the time of writing (as opposed to publishing) of the article, but the Citibank App - described as "a bit dated and clunky" - was updated around one month ago and has improved functionality for Credit Cards, but no noticable changes for Debit Cards/Transaction accounts. Hopefully t...

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