• I amassed 64200 SC in my approximate 22yrs flying, 17 odd years at Platinum or Platinum 1 level.I guess will be good news for myself but not sure how it would work.Now retired so flying days finished

  • Qantas launches Lifetime Platinum

    Jun 20, 2019, 05:23 PM

    I have 64,000 SC. I don’t fly much these days so I guess I miss out.Took me approx 16 years to get those.😢

  • I have been a Lifetime Gold for maybe the last 10/12 years and also Platinum for the last 16 years,with a couple of Platinum Ones in there.I have now retired and don't fly that much but am wondering what my 64,000 SC points will do for me now? Last Year Ipaid 100,000 points to remain Platinum so ...

  • When I finished of my job and subsequently most of my o/seas flying I had amassed 62,400 status credits,always Platinum or Platinum One but cannot remember the letter only receiving a new card with lifetime gold printed on it.Nothing to say thanks for more a million dollars worth of flying with us?