• No cancellation fees (even though I initially offered). VERY happy customer.

  • I was lucky enough to get through to Qantas FF call centre this morning (10 min wait) because they changed my flights bookings to vouchers (originally asked for refunds through the ‘manage my bookings'.). The lovely lady changed the vouchers to a refund. We did this for 3 separate bookings (2x OS...

  • Mar 26, 2018, 11:06 AM

    The same happened to me with my application as well tonky. Credit check, details of companion income... watch out though, with Amex your credit score will drop significantly (150 with mine). I’m assuming Amex is deemed high risk credit due to it essentially being an overseas based company.

  • Mar 23, 2018, 03:26 PM

    Hey tonky. I do agree with you. AMEX’s suite of products is so mismatched. There’s just not one excellent product. I do have the QANTAS Ultimate Amex credit card. I’m self employed, and when I applied online (it might have changed) it asked for all my details including income...

  • Mar 16, 2018, 10:22 AM

    Amex Explorer won’t suit obanpointer. He’s after QFF points. Plus it’s still essentially an AMEX credit card and they are only offering him a 10k limit. I little low for his current yearly spend.

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  • Don’t forget they have 2 passes so officially 1 child per adult pass.The rules allow them to decline so I agree with npaul, but the staff are very sympathetic to parents and children (and they also have a dedicated child area in the international business lounge), by experience I’m qu...

  • I recently (October) gave 2 complimentary Qantas lounge passes to my sister and her husband who travelled out of Sydney to Japan with Qantas. They were able to get their daughter (2yo) into the Qantas international business lounge Sydney. Hope that helps.

  • Our family (3 pax) just recently been upgraded using points to F on QF1 and we were allocated 4A, 4F and 4K. So I’m guessing it all depends on load.As per ChrisCh comment I agree there is a computer generated passenger customer value (PCV), as we have experienced an automatic rebooking to t...

  • SC earn for Children

    Apr 09, 2018, 09:52 AM

    I’m with QFF and our little guy has been earning SC since the age of 2, normal rates.Family pooling of SCs as per bl5965 is with Virgin frequent flyers NOT QFF.So start enrolling your child/children ASAP to FF programs when they start flying with you.

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