• Yes one aisle doesn't cut it really.The A380, 747 etc is I think still the way to go.. One aisle is just to cramped , only good for 6,7,8 hr flights!!

  • Review: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

    May 31, 2019, 03:32 PM

    My wife and I have stayed at Marina Bay Sands 4 times to date.Great hotel although huge , the views are exceptional from the rooms especially the Pool deck etc.Prices are over the top for restaurants and for even standard rooms much less suites but still very enjoyable and we will continue to sta...

  • Very disappointed to hear Amex is devaluing the points on their cards .Always considered them the best but now it's time to reconsider them to..

  • The Burj in Dubai been 7 star since it opened but even they admit its their own rating scale not the international standard. Very very nice though!

  • Just marketing,no such thing as 6 and 7 star .Ridic!

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