• From Airbus' point of view, cutting Boeing's cash cow 747 out of the air meant it didn't have enough money to undertake a proper replacement of the 737. The cheap and nasty 737max might not hsve happened if the 747 cash cow was still being milked.In addition, getting major airlines from all Boei...

  • In one sense, it depends where you want to go. For example, if I wanted to go from Sydney to London, SIA would be my choice. However, if it was Brisbane to Prague, then Emirates' First class all the way is better than Singapore Business, followed by First, then Eurobiz from one of SIA's European...

  • If only Singapore flew to Brisbane with First.

  • An upgraded F seat is really appreciated. The existing ones are noticeably less comfortable than BA or Emirates.

  • Nah, you can get the vintage M&C at the bar if you ask. Mind you, that was 12 months ago.

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