• Flew Syd KUL 2 weeks ago on QFF business class redemption. Great product, service and hospitality on board. Pre-ordering your meal with the booking works very well. Magnificent meal. Was tempted to upgrade to the 1 but very happy with the business suite. Will be flying them much more with the...

  • Escaping those status handcuffs

    Jul 11, 2018, 07:02 AM

    Hi Chris great article. Been LTG for 5 years and both of us keep Plat to use First Lounge in Sydney as the Bus Lounge was a disgrace.. Fly J class to regional Asia and domestically but have found both products to be generally poor-old equipment and underwelming menus. Regional Asia has improved...

  • Love the product. Have switched from QF to VA. Photos mirror the recent experience from MEL to HKG in VA

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  • I've had this old equipment too often on SYD SIN. Skyseat 1 is ok for daytime but impossible to sleep in overnight due to slope on the bed. Agree any seat in the 2 or 3 row is better.

  • Chance of upgrade

    Jul 26, 2018, 05:47 AM

    Don't forget to try for on departure upgrade with points at checkin.

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