• Yikes ! Heading to Tokyo in business in May. I wonder how long before other countries ban transit passengers ?

  • Hmmm now I'm thinking I should book Cathy to Haneda from Melb... what do you all think ? They don't have PJs either do they ? No soft bed, questional food and no PJ or amenity at SQ. Qatar yes, superb on every front. They are 100% the best in business without question.

  • Ive booked ScootBiz and hearing nothing but horror storiesw about indifrrent crew and shody meal " service" this is a once off I'm sure. Anyone flown them ?

  • What possessed them to think a centre seat was a good idea ? It's nowhere near the industry standard. I'd never pay to stuck in coffin like seat for 14 hours. You'd have to bonkers to pay for that. Qatar all the way !

  • One more thing, apparently I can't claim any points for this because I wasn't an Aeroplan member at the time of the flight ? Anyone know if this true or how I can claim points for this flight ? Cheers

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