• But I guess if I've booked through Air NZ operated by Air NZ expecting to get VFF points and status I now get nothing.Obviously as a VFF I'm not going to fly Air NZ without any access to lounges, points or status credits.

  • Will customers who booked flights expecting to earn VFF status and points be given the option of cancelling their flights for free?

  • such a pity. two CEOs have a sandpit fight and customers (and the airlines) lose out. Maybe Singapore Airlines will do a status match deal to take every VFF who flies to New Zealand regularly? 

  • Considering the Virgin Lounges (ie, on the ground) are typically at around 4Mb/2Mb or less, that's pretty decent 

  • it depends on whether the airline has updated their selections or not. Currently the Virgin Australia selection for both international and domestic is pretty poor, with very few new movies and a collection of old TV episodes. Qantas has good monthly selections but some routes dont get updated as ...

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