• How important is priority boarding?

    Jun 28, 2019, 11:32 AM

    I find priority boarding much more useful on US airlines, simply because they overhead compartments get full so quickly. Group 1 means my bag will be right next to me, instead of halfway down the airplane (meaning delays in deplaning) or worse, having to check it in when boarding.

  • I've completed the challenge for Gold (although haven't received a confirmation email). I'm expecting my status to expire end of Jan 2020. Does anyone know if I continue flying United and meet the requirements for renewal, I can continue my status for another year (with the PQM's I've already acc...

  • If I set the challenge start date to today (14th Mar), then fly tomorrow (15th Mar), will that flight still be applicable for the challenge? Or do I need to wait for it to be approved before I fly? Does it get back dated to the challenge start date?

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