• That is surprising to hear QF had IFE working, especially when they say it is switched off and doesn't show available on new bookings. Disappointing about the food though! Hopefully that improves as I've normally found their food to be fantastic. Look forward to everything slowly opening once again

  • I had wondered too if QF might strike a deal with entertainment providers to at least have some content across the ditch. Obviously not as much as they would have with all international routes going but some options would be beneficial. QF dont provide WiFi across the Tasman so I don't think that...

  • The whether it would be needed debate aside, I saw a vlog on Gulf Air new A321neoLR and those are the type of business class seats they should be aiming for in my opinion. These on SQ do look fantastic though 

  • I'm just more worried if I hit refund and they don't give me the refund or they keep part of it or what

  • mickey27 - And just to confirm you got everything back from QF apart from the CC fees? Just don't want to take the risk and lose everything or that's going to be a nightmare

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  • Qantas A380 refurb schedule

    Jun 27, 2019, 08:41 AM

    I sometimes use points to upgrade to either PE or Biz and the current PE in my opinion only needed a couple of changes and would have sufficed as a great seat. I haven't tried the new PE yet but reading reviews and unless pitch is increased on the A380, I would most likely avoid them altogether s...

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