• Qantas slashes Auckland flights

    Jun 20, 2014, 09:22 AM

    Now I'm not adding up...this is a total of 23 cancellations

  • Qantas slashes Auckland flights

    Jun 20, 2014, 09:17 AM

    Something doesn't add up: SYD-AKL sees 7 flights pw removed, same as MEL-AKL, Qantas currently operates 14 flights pw between BNE and AKL and you're saying this is being reduced to 5 pw...this is 19 cancellations however the first line reads 'up to 15...'

  • The steadily declining international market share and profits of Qantas international indicates a distinct failure of the government protection you mention - not sure what form this takes? Not sure what you're basing the Air NZ comment on as EBT for H1 2012 were down 71%, and net profit after ta...

  • I believe Etihad announced a profit earlier this year, albeit a modest $14m, for 2011.

  • I think you will find that there are two toilets in front of the PE cabin that will be shared with Business plus the one you mention that is shared with Economy passengers. Also, as far as I know and have read, seat pitch has not been affected in PE with these changes.

  • 'Suica' is the card you want to get if you are only planning on using trains in the immediate Tokyo area. It is a rechargeable card that can be used for most forms of transport (including all train companies) and even at vending machines and convenience stores. This removes the hassle of fig...