• Certainly does. Double standards on this site. Goodbye.

  • I bought a car outright, then wanted to sell it because I owned it. The car dealer then told me that they wanted to control everything and tried to prohibit me from selling it and had my online listing removed. Why haven't I flown Qantas in five years?

  • This has to be a Qantas initiative. Which airline has a history of cutting benefits to loyal customers, and which airline has a history of adding value? I'll continue to fly on Emirates planes, with Emirates customer service and accumulate Emirates Skywards FF points, which are easier to use th...

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    Jan 05, 2015, 01:55 PM

    Interesting review, but it's still the QANTAS corporate culture and "customer service", isn't it?

  • Along with the livery, go back to Qantas service as it was then when the current flight attendants were young and enthusiastic, and bring back the CEO and Board from that era. Even if some are no longer with us, they would still do a better job.

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