• Does the removal of the 767s indicate the 332s currently in the JQ fleet will move to the golden triangle domestic routes? Despite their age I still prefer to take a 767 between Sydney and Melbourne than a 737.

  • Feb 10, 2014, 07:54 PM

    For a tall fellow such as myself no adjustable headrest means no head support and in turn no sleep if the flight is a redeye. I wonder what the per-seat cost of a headrest is both in initial capital and fuel savings from the reduced weight?  I imagine it would have to be substantial to remo...

  • I was on the AA CRJ service last week and it is far from pleasant.  A 30 minute delay after pusback while waiting for 'paperwork' did not help the experience either!

  • If you're flying out of the Qantas domestic terminal in Sydney on Christmas Eve make sure you check the departure screens - the last flight of the day is a special one!

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