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    Apr 27, 2013, 02:21 AM

    djb, that's a fair point on the Cathay 77W. We had a brief data swap yesterday that we fixed overnight our time, and the correct information is set to populate to the site before Australia wakes up on Saturday morning.

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    Apr 27, 2013, 02:18 AM

    Hi djb, I'm Robert Albert, Routehappy's CEO. We looked into this one, and it's an issue specific to those ultra-low business and first class fares where you start your journey in Colombo. It looks like all fares above economy from Colombo have been removed from the GDS through which we (and othe...

  • Hi djb, yes, we're in a public beta working on our data to get it right.  Think of Routehappy like walking through a partially constructed building - one that has a few rooms more done than others (the US for example.)  But note - we're working on our data on priority airlines now as we...

  • Absolutely noted!  We're working to fix this.  We've prioritized airlines into four buckets and are working through very detailed focus on each.  CX is definitely in the next bucket of priorities to focus on. 

  • This is an example of a market where we're still working to match the exact subfleet to the schedule.  So we acknowledge this one in Biz isn't a good as it's going to be.  Our goal is to make this is as accurate as it can be.  Would love your assistance if you want to share, otherw...

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