• Aug 09, 2017, 09:59 AM

    Chris,A little bit unfair to CBA (I don't work for them and I am not their biggest fan).  Sure, if you want to burn points for upgrades then you have to convert to QFF or Velocity, however if it is just flights you are after, the best rate of return if to cash them in at Flight Centre.  ...

  • I flew on a V class ticket on Thursday night  (19 Feb) and purchased well in advance of this change. I was only awarded points and status credits at discount economy rates. I'll have to call and complain. I suggest anyone in this situation definitely check 

  • Could someone please confirm if early check in is still available?

  • Isn't this in breach of commitmentsthat QANTAS gave the ACCC when they tied up with Emirates?  They did a sign up to keeping routes

  • Brisbane flyers get a really bad deal with the whole arrangement.  Given there is no QANTAS metal on the first leg to London, we won't be able to use points for upgrades without going through dreadful Sydney

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