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  • QFFs switching to AAdvantage.Seen a few comments regarding qffs switching points over to AAdvantage miles. Can someone please point me in the direction of some answers as to why that might be attractive?

  • I have not kept up with the QFF changes of late. Any way of still getting status credits but using FF points.

  • Thanks Brad.  Yes I thought the transit looked a bit rushed.  If I had pushed the button on Friday morning, I would have gone Emirates out of Sydney on the A380, but in the space of about 3hrs between my first investigation and the second, the price jumped by aobut just over 1.5k each.&...

  • Any thoughts on Etihad - pretty sharp pricing.  Bne-Mel-AUH-FCO in 27hrs:15mins.   Seems like Etihad and the Aliitalia flight they use, both show fully flat beds.  Anyone got any thoughts on that combination?  Also a bit concerned that there is only a 1hr:10min layov...

  • mb68, when i referred to bne to rome, i meant bne to sydney(A380) to rome.  Apologies if that was misleading.

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