• I fly pretty frequently with QF in Business or First between Aust and the US, i have held my platinum status for quite a few years. I am plant based vegan and the food offerings in the lounges and on-board is so sub-standard its not funny. Obviously Neil Perry or Qantas has not put any thought in...

  • this ad does not make me want to fly with QF.....i wouldn't think it would be attract a very many few....they are in more trouble than the early settles....and not even the Australian Government wants to help them! I wouldnt!!

  • I travel QF quite a bit both domestic and Internationally, i think the airline is on decline big time and customer service leaves a lot to be desired!! if they keep wasting money on producing crap like this, no wonder they are losing the amount of money they are!! 

  • last time i was in the normal Qantas Club lounge i thought that needed much more attention than the business lounge, in melbourne at least it looks very old, dirty and tired!!

  • Qantas increases A380 flights

    Oct 24, 2013, 10:55 AM

    Does this mean that the A380 will fly onto JFK from LAX on QF107/108?

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