• Agree with calls to lift all curfews.  As an international city and major gateway into Australia, the Sydney Airport should operate 24/7.  The airport has been there for decades so residents near the airport can't argue they didn't make an informed decision to move into the area.

  • I have an Oyster (London), Suica (Tokyo), Octopus (Hong Kong), EZ-Link (Singapore), Rabbit (Bangkok) and a MetroCard (NYC). Have been waiting over a decade for the NSW Govt's to get their act together...!

  • I was booked in J on sale fare with QF for SYD-SIN business trip last year and asked my assistant to book me specifically on a A380 flight.  A few days out I received a call from QF to advise of a plane change and was given the option to select new seat.  Possibly because I had pre-sele...

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