• Definitely. Im using a co. Shellcard. Ie my employer pays for the fuel.  And i earn the flybuy points. 

  • The inability to earn points at BP when using a charge card such as motorpass see's me preferenceing to spend my 2 to 300 a week on diesel at Shell using my shellcard. The rate isnt great but some flybuys is better than the N/A that BP offered.

  • Jul 15, 2016, 08:56 PM

    Have installed Samsung Pay on my S7, received a welcome offer of $15 credit after 3 uses of $5 or more.  So far no complaints, but thinking of changing the verification from Pin to finger print as it takes a bit longer turning it on with a pin and then verifying with a pin.

  • I unsubscibed from EDR emails a month ago, when I put their new cards in the post box marked return to sender. I for one am not the least bit interested in looking for the orange stickers,  

  • I assumed for some reason that the FIDs displays were operated by a third party and have never relied upon them,  and take the boarding call as the official call.               Am I wrong ?? I have never found the need to arrive at the gate 40 minutes earl...

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