• Or if we want to get onto waypoints, there's an approach path in the NW USA which takes you over ITAWT - ITAWA -PUDYE - TTATT... Codes can change; when Salisbury, Rhodesia became Harare, Zimbabwe the code went from SAY to HRE. Remember, your aircraft flies to (ICAO code) but your bags go to (IA...

  • Boeing already offers 777s with 330 min ETOPS which will allow direct SYD-JNB and -SCL. Air NZ was lead customer. QF should've gone for the 777 10-15 years ago but having not done so, it's probably too late now. However it could also have allowed ops on routes which have perhaps been marginal f...

  • The world

    Aug 29, 2013, 02:59 AM

    BA are currently running the 380 on LHR-FRA (90 mins) to train crews prior to starting LHR-LAX with the beast on 24 September. Apparently when they put the 380 on that run, it's the 06:45 departure from LHR.

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