• No end in sight to their bizarre entry policy that favours Oneworld frequent fliers over their own AAdvantage members on domestic routes?

  • Inbound to Sydney a week ago, immigration officer said that the larger size was incompatible with the scanners on the self-serve machines (not sure if they meant optical or RF). Funnily enough, my passport didn't scan successfully and needed referral to another more sensitive machine.

  • It's worth noting that prepaid Oyster card holders do not get weekly capping - that's a special feature only available with contactless payment (so it's quite common to see Londoners avoiding Oyster prepaid to save money).

  • I've flown the A321T in F from SFO to JFK, just a month after they finally replaced their 767 service (the oldest still flying for any airline!). It is a fantastic seat, but the service just isn't quite there. For an American domestic flight though, it's a great experience. Probably not worth th...

  • The earlier article about the new bar said "On any shortlist for a Concorde Bar would therefore be lounges without an a la carte dining menu for first class passengers, where flights depart in the evening and are quiet[sic] long."My bet is on San Francisco next, since it meets all three of these ...

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